TeleDirect - since 1993 - offers overall contact center solutions that provide professional service and information supplies for your current and potential clients. Thanks for the professional staff and the quality phone network TeleDirect® is capable of rendering unique services that perfectly fit clients' requirements; these services are built in the call starting and receiving marketing activities.

Our services help bridge over the difficulties that affect many Hungarian firms: insufficient phone lines, room and staff and, as a result, they are unable to maintain lucrative connections with clients or, if they have them, they cannot use their entire capacity, and, thus the set-up and operation of a telemarketing department are not profitable. Our clients can take use of our 24-hour and 7-day-a-week, multilingual, very effective, and modern telemarketing service without taking charges of investment and maintenance costs.

In 2006 TeleDirect introduced and applied a Quality Management System, which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2001 standard in the field of contact center service, audited by Certop.

As a member of Hungarian Direct and Interactive Marketing Association TeleDirect keeps to its Code of Ethics.



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Technological background

TeleDirect® operates a full-service Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) based contact center. It has 48 fully computerised workstations operated by the most modern ISDN lines, thus, enabling us to render the most flexible and automatic service (combined with audiotex) for our clients. We have 'green' and 'blue' lines as well, so clients can have lines that are reachable in campaigns for free or much cheaper. Dialling is made by computers, thus avoid mistakes and secure the most optimal use of working time. Operators' work is computerised entirely, that is, the call communication runs based on a script that displays all information necessary for client guidance, displays information about clients, and enables indirect data loading. Our electronic databases enable us to choose target groups according to the clients wishes from private or public phone subscribers. The modernest Dialogic telecommunication hardware and self-developed call center software "Callonia" supply assistants with every information and help during conversations, making data recording and processing safe and undisturbed. In case of incoming calls (reception by operators or automatically) every implementation has its own sound-set and menu system. Operators' balanced employment is secured by ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). The script design is made by a special graphic software.
Special workstations, air-conditioned rooms, special headphones make the work much easier.

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NEW! Upgraded Callonia installed!

We are pleased to inform you that the newest upgraded version of the Callonia software has been installed at TeleDirect. As a result, the range and level of our services increased, and we made a significant step forward in quality assurance as well.

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Human Resources

Marketing expert, sociologist, engineer and IT expert provide modern telemarketing strategy, databases, processing programs and scripts. Campaigns are organised by professional project leaders.

The assistants with very good communicational skills, foreign languages, and computer literacy were chosen carefully from hundreds of candidates. They graduated several courses and are trained continuously.

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Inbound services (call reception)

Operator, automatic and integrated inbound services

  • unique phone numbers incluing "green" (toll-free) or "blue" (local rate) numbers
  • 90 ISDN primary connection lines on discretion
  • capacity: maximum 90 calls at a time
  • operator capacity 46
  • 24-hour service at will
  • 1.000-1.500 call receptions/hour
  • periodical reports on call quantity and quality
  • databases for information storage gathered from calls
  • simultaneous data-processing and monitoring
  • special operator courses and program development
  • special script for professional information
Implementation areas:
  • CRM
  • information lines
  • order booking
  • registration
  • promotion and PR- games
  • help desk
  • registration for media, DM and voucher campaigns
  • independent phone promotional games
  • audio sales center

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Outbound services (call starting)


  • implementing client's database
  • target group creation based on own data base according to client's wishes
  • 200-400 calls/hour
  • wide-range segmentation possibilities
  • simultaneous processing and monitoring
  • indirect data transfer for client
Implementation areas:
  • sales, subscription collection
  • lead generation
  • follow-up
  • political or social mobilisation
Information gathering
  • country-wide representative samples
  • social-demographic group representation
  • segmentation by seat, department, company form, staff number
  • special reaches: top managers, functional decision-makers, department leaders
  • 200-600 calls/hour
  • simultaneous processing and monitoring
  • statistical analysis (SPSS support)
  • graphic presentations
Implementation areas:
  • Market researches
  • study on demands
  • competition analysis
  • product currency analysis
  • contentment analysis
Public opinion polls
  • spot test on special events
  • on political-social processes
  • on lifestyle topics
Publicity effectiveness analysis and test
  • media research
  • comparative study
  • reach analysis
  • approval analysis

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Other services

Promotional and media games

  • software designing
  • certification
  • support by the call center or IVR
  • complete arrangement
  • game office, back office
  • arrangement of drawings
  • mailing
Installation of call centers
  • tailor made designing
  • turn-key installation
  • complete software environment
  • starting tests
  • recruitment and training of the managers and the staff
  • technological support
  • management consultation

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We are in our 20th business year and have experienced a lot. We are trained in spot public opinion polls and market researches. We are able to organise, conduct and present a 5-question research with 500 test persons in 6 hours from the order. A 1.000 interview public opinion poll representing the whole population takes only 10 hours.
We have accomplished subscription collecting campaigns for daily and weekly papers like Magyar Hírlap, Mai Nap, Figyelo, Reggel, and made special campaigns promoting different services and products. Our press-promotion games (Luck Exchange, Dream Team, Exchange Big Fish, Mai Nap Lottó, Torpedó, etc.) to which TeleDirect provided telemarketing and game office support were very successful.

We have been providing complete customer service for Quelle since 1997, for Metro daily since 2001, and for WIZZ AIR since 2004.

Our most important clients in telesales in the recent years were Axel Springer, Aegon, Antenna Hungaria, and UPC.

Some of our clients we are proud of:


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